Comment entretenir votre bougie avec une mèche de bois

How to maintain your candle with a wooden wick

The candle with the wooden wick creates a beautiful cozy atmosphere and I love the little crackle when it burns, but it is more capricious than the candle with the cotton wick.

Here are some tips for your candle with a wooden wick:

- Light your candle preferably with a lighter, insisting for several seconds and holding your pot at a slight angle.

- When melting for the first time, let your candle burn for at least an hour or until the wax has melted to the edge of the pot. And do not exceed 3 or 4 hours.

- Before relighting your candle, cut the wick to approximately 4 or 5 mm. You can use a wick trimmer like the ones in the store in the Accessories section or simply a nail clipper. I prefer to avoid scissors, because it is difficult to cut the wick horizontally.

- Stop using your candle when only 1/2 of wax remains.

- And above all, don't forget to relax every time you light your candle. And don't hesitate to combine your moment of happiness with music, a book or a good glass of wine!

Caroline, founder of Fabrique 3 Funny Monkeys

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